5. GENDER EQUALITY​​​ | Global Goals Cubes

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Global Goal Description:
Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

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Our Global Goals Cube featuring Goal 5, “Gender Equality,” is a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for women’s rights and gender equality around the world. Made from eco-friendly e-flute paper, our cubes come in three sizes (30x30x30cm, 40x40x40cm, and 50x50x50cm) and are available with any of the 17 Global Goals prints, including Goal 5.

The Goal 5 print on our cube showcases the importance of empowering women and girls through education, access to healthcare, and economic opportunity. Gender equality is not only a basic human right, but it also drives economic growth and social development. By displaying our Goal 5 cube, you can raise awareness about the need for gender equality and promote women’s rights in your community.

At TGGC.eu, we are committed to promoting sustainable development and helping our customers make a positive impact on the world. Our cubes are printed in English and are perfect for displaying in your home or office to spark conversations and inspire action.

To help achieve Goal 5, companies can take a number of actions, including promoting equal pay and opportunities for women in the workplace, supporting women-owned businesses, and investing in programs that promote women’s health and well-being. By displaying our Goal 5 cube, you can show your support for gender equality and inspire others to take action to promote women’s rights.

Order your Goal 5 Global Goals Cube today and join the movement to promote sustainable development and women’s rights. With TGGC.eu, you can display your contribution to sustainability and make a difference in the world.

NOTE – Only one and the same Global Goal per cube! The cube is printed with the same Global Goal on all sides.

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The cube is delivered flat, in one piece, for easy assembly. Just fold etch of the sides intop a cube and lock it down by ffolding the lock-edges.

The cubes are made from corrugated cardboard, the material class "E Flute"

The print of the cubes are made by UV Digital Printing, on a flat bed printer. The print is made 4+0 (single sided print).

The product is made on-demand, there is no pre-made cubes on stock.

Production Time: 3-5 Working Days
Shipping Timee: 2-4 Working Days

The time may vary depending on quantity and demand.